The Pre-College Conference

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Statistics say that 70% of kids who grow up in church will walk away from God in college, and now, most of them never come back.


Redeeming College Conference?

RCC is a college prep conference for Christian high school students (Grades 9-12). This conference is all inclusive (meal + room + board) and hosted on North Carolina State University's campus


STEP 1: Register below for the early bird rate!

STEP 2: Drop the kids off at N.C. State University on July 26th-28th (Fri-Sun), 2019!

STEP 3: Pray for them!

STEP 4: Go enjoy your weekend!


More reasons why your son/daughter should go.


 Online, your high school student is encountering college level questions about God, the Bible, and Jesus they can not answer. They need college level answers to their college level questions. At RCC they'll be given WORLD CLASS ANSWERS to the questions they are facing, from veteran college pastors and Christian college professors who teach at secular universities (Berkeley, Duke, and NCSU).



If you are like most parents you've probably wondered, "Is any of it sinking in?" It sinks in so much better if the people they are looking up to, college students, tell them about God, the Bible, and Jesus.  At RCC they'll get connected with current college students who love Jesus, and hear their amazing testimonies!



This is absolutely critical, before they go to college they need to have relationships already in place with college pastors and  Christian student groups . At RCC there will be tons of chances to connect with college pastors and Christian college groups (i.e.Campus Crusade for Christ, Intervarisity, etc.) from schools all over North Carolina.



Hey!  I'm Alan Mitchell!

As a campus minister for twelve years I've personally helped hundreds of Christian students (at NC State & ECU) from falling away from God in college.  

After much prayer, I believe God is calling me to prepare high school students, and their parents,  for the challenges they will face in college.

Why?  Not only are 70% of Christian kids falling away from God in college, but NOW most of them never come back.  

You?   You're there. The ability to prepare your kids for college is best in your hands.  We'd love to help you do that with this conference!